Mar 10, 2009

Magic Egg Hunt & Blog Train!

Ready for some fun? This blog train is special in two ways!

1. It will have an Easter Egg Hunt for prizes!!
2. I am participating in my first Blog Train!!

There will be Magic Eggs randomly placed in 2 of the zips. Check it out, you not only are going to get a whole list of awesome scraps but you may win some prizes too. What fun! The train leaves the station on April 1st. To find out all the details, or to get in on the train yourself please click the image to go to the store blog. You need to sign up for the Forum in order to participate. You will get all the information you need there. Don't be late if you want in on this one :))

Well Blogger won't let me link the image properly for some reason so here is the address needed: Have fun!! :)

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