Mar 31, 2009

I was scouring the net today looking for something and then remembered I needed to see if I had been added to Hummies Blog Roll List yet and then decided I should try to contact her again. I went to her site and she had the most wonderful post from the 25th titled "Thought Provoking Video". Talk about thought provoking!! It certainly does make you question things about yourself and the art we produce. Will I make something others will like? Will they gain something from it? Will they be inspired themselves?

One of my favorite parts (well I actually think it is ALL great!) of the song is this: "So I pondered the points of my art in this life, if I make it, will someone take it and think that it is genuine? Would they be glad that I did 'cause they got something good out of it? Would they leave me and be more inspired?"

I can't tell you how often I wonder when I offer my creations to others be it free or tutorial or otherwise ... has it left you with more inspiration? Do you leave my site satisfied with my artwork?

Hummie said it all with her post title ... is certainly is Thought Provoking!!

Click play and see for yourself!!
xoxo ~ Debb

Mar 28, 2009

Easter Egg Blog Train SNEAK PEEK Freebie

Here it is, only 3 days and a wake-up before the Magic Egg Blog Train leaves the station!
Are you excited?? I am! I've seen lots of goodies I think you will love!!

I have mine all done and ready to go. To date there is 49 blogs participating. That is a lot of freebies. And just to kick things off I am giving you a seek peek into my kit. I am giving you the QP in advance. I will leave it in the kit for those who wish to wait and get it all. It is going to be BIG!!
Here is what I have:
82 Elements
23 Papers
5 Word Art
and 2 Extras! (One is the QP)

The size will be rather large so I am breaking it down into 4 files so those with slower connections can download them easier. Total size is approx: 153.3 MB.
Here's the Preview, hope you like it and have fun using it. xoxox
*Image quality low due to resizing here to fit column*

Mar 26, 2009

The Stations of The Cross PTU

And here is the set. I hope you like them. To purchase just click the Buy Now link.
Have a great weekend everyone.
XOXO ~ Debb


The Stations of The Cross Freebie

This is what I have for you today. I made some full size crosses which I will post shortly, but those are Pay To Use. This is a Freebie Sample of those geared more toward Tagger Use. The size of this cross is 369 x 532. (The Rosary Cross and beads is very very old and I was given permission to photograph it and use it in this manner. Thank you LeVada!) I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. If you would like to take full advantage of all the crosses at full size please consider purchasing the Full Size Set.

Thank you and have a great day :)
XOXO ~ Debb

Mar 25, 2009

Been busy

Just an update .... I haven't been around much because I haven't felt well, so in between I have been working on the Easter train kit :)

Lots of cool stuff - I think you will like it. It's going to be pretty big too! It looks like it will mainly be full size. I was going to do both just don't have it in me right now. But I think you will like it.

Well I hope your weather is better than mine. It is wet, wet, WET here! We are suposed to get a break this weekend. Come on Spring ... kick in full swing!! For those of you in the messy areas of the world, I wish you great weather for Easter! Have a good one - I'll be back soon.

Mar 10, 2009

Magic Egg Hunt & Blog Train!

Ready for some fun? This blog train is special in two ways!

1. It will have an Easter Egg Hunt for prizes!!
2. I am participating in my first Blog Train!!

There will be Magic Eggs randomly placed in 2 of the zips. Check it out, you not only are going to get a whole list of awesome scraps but you may win some prizes too. What fun! The train leaves the station on April 1st. To find out all the details, or to get in on the train yourself please click the image to go to the store blog. You need to sign up for the Forum in order to participate. You will get all the information you need there. Don't be late if you want in on this one :))

Well Blogger won't let me link the image properly for some reason so here is the address needed: Have fun!! :)

Mar 8, 2009

Mesh Bow Tutorial

This is a tutorial I just finished for DSC members and posted on the DSC Designers Blog.
If you would like to try it too, please head over to our blog: DSC DESIGNERS.
Let me know if you enjoy my tut. I may write more ;)

Mar 6, 2009

New Awards

I needed to take the time to get these awards listed. I've just started feeling better and want to do these incase I slide down hill again.

I am so sorry, but I have been so far behind that everywhere I went someone already had these awards, lol. So I will have to settle for mentioning the awesome ladies who have found it in their hearts to give me these great awards. Thank you all so much for thinking of me!!

This award was given to me by Andrea at HoneyMoon Arts. Drop by her site and leave some love if you download something. Thanks Andrea!!
This award was given to me by 4 different ladies!
This award is being given to the blogs which are very charming,
these bloggers aims are to find friends not self promotion.
The hope of this award is that, even when the links are cut, even more friendships are propogated. Give this award to eight blogs, who in turn must pass it on to eight more blogs, along with the award and the rules.
Since I don't have anyone new to send them on to ... if you have stopped by and know of a friends blog who deserves these wonderful awards please feel free to snag and pass them along!
OK ... this award came from these wonderful ladies. Thank you girls!!

Again, thank you all so much.

A much needed Layout Change!

Had to do it!
Valentine's Day is gone.
I had to move on from my mushy red/pink background, lmao!
This is more like it. I hope it is more pleasing to the eye ;)
Have an awesome weekend if possible!!

Mar 5, 2009

A mini bragbook I finished

I did this in our scrapping class. It is a weekly activity called "Same Kit Different Styles". This one was provided by Cynthia, thanks again Cynthia!! Click her name to go to her site. Be sure to leave her a comment if you download :)

This is my Step Son, Daughter-in-law and newest Grandson :)