Jan 31, 2010

Almost Feb already ... WOW!

So much time has escaped me! We have been so busy with the house it is not even funny. House closes on the 5th, we fly back to load our stuff on the 8th of Feb, and have till the 28th to wait for possession. We hope to be able to get in sooner. After Feb. 8th, I won't be back on here for a while. Have lots of packing to do, some stuff to sell before we head back ETC. Probably wont be until first of March or so.

Please bear with me while we go through this transition. After, I hope to be able to get busy with my blog again.

Thank you to all my friends who have emailed me, left me chat messages etc! That has meant a lot to me!!

Hope to see you all again very soon!!

xx ~ Debb