Nov 30, 2008

I've won another award!!

Isn't this so sweet??!!
I received two of these today!!

The first one came from my dear friend Lone. Thanks so much!!
Please go check out Alice and Lone's site at Alodezines, they have some awesome scripts!!

The second came from another awesome friend - Peta! Thanks Peta for this awesome award.
Please visit her at PSPScrapper. She has some awesome blog backgrounds and some cool frame scrips too.

Now to nominate 5 people for this award. Wow ... tough decision to say the least but here they are:

1. Scrappy from Scrappy Always.
She has got some awesome Country Style goodies on her blog.

2. Bea from Bea Creations. Her site is in German but you can translate it if you find troubles with it. She has some very awesome cute Christmas Goodies on her site!!

3. Beth from Built By Beth. You will find the cutest lil Christmas tree there, plus some other goodies too!!

4. Alexe from Alexe's Creations. She has some really cute BragBook style QP's!

5. Last but not least is Deb from DeBee DeZines. She has some of the cutest blogger backgrounds she makes from peoples kits, she even did one from my first kit.

Wow ... there we have it. These are all great sites to visit, I hope you enjoy them :)

Huggs ~ Debb

Nov 29, 2008

Christmas Doodle Tree

I have a lil doodle I made for you and I just love it! I hope you do as well. This one isn't a freebie however. But it isn't much at all. I decided to sell a few things to help support my digi habit which will help me to provide more for you. Thanks for your support. This image is much cleaner than this preview. Size: 1658 x 1759 300 DPI, PNG format. I will send a download link once I receive payment. For Personal Use Only.


ChristmasTree Element

This is a neat design I came up with for a tree. I really like the look of it. I hope you do as well. The green background is not included, it is just used for a backdrop to make the star stand out.

If you download, please leave me a comment. If you like my work, please send your friends to visit. Thank you :))



ChristmasBanner (Personal Use)

Had to add this since it got cut off, sorry.

I just threw this together last night while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to settle. Ate way too much, lol. I hope everyone had a great time with family and friends. This is for personal use only.

Ok, onto your download links ...


Nov 22, 2008

Some more awards WOW

This award was given to me by Ruth. Thanks so much Ruth!
Stop by and visit her site Scrapindaisy

I guess with this award you are to list 7 things your thankful for and pass on to 7 more people.

I am thankful for:

1. My ever faithful ROCK - Emerson
2. Emerson's Father for his sheer determination against the evils of cancer
3. That I am alive and breathing after a brain tumor
4. That I got to be with my Father before he passed
5. For the roof over my head in these troubled times
6. The friends I've made online
7. Last but not least, for the ability to do what I do and share it with you.

Well I listed 7 things I am thankful for but I have searched for 2 hours and every blog I went to already had this award, actually ... all the following awards too. So I will just have to keep with how I have done in the past ... if you know of someone who deserves any of these awards please feel free to pass them on :)

This Blog has A Heart is from PurpleDragonflyCreations
Thanks so much for this very nice award!!
Please be sure to visit her site.

Generous Designer Award is from Pat at
What a wonderful blog this is to visit!!
she has some very nice blog layouts!!

Both these ladies also awarded me the following award as well.
Thank you both so much for thinking of me :)

Again, if you know someone deserving of any of these fantastic awards who has not gotten one yet please be sure to pass them along. Thanks

Christmas Cookie Button Script - CU OK !

This is my first script attempt. Not the best by any stretch of the imagination, lol, the icing is a lil too perfect but hey ... it's free right?? Background is for preview purposes only :)

You may use this for CU but not as a single item. It MUST accompany a kit, sigtag, etc. Instructions and TOU are included. This was made in PSP X2, but was tested on 9 and 10 and worked perfect. I cannot help anyone with 8 and 11, sorry.


Nov 19, 2008

Christams Bow ...

Or a bow for any occasion. It is in greyscale so you can recolor it. It looks very nice colored, I did mine in a Christmas red, and I just love it. I hope you enjoy the bow. Personal Use Only.
Size is 1204 x 1229.


An Idea

I seen an image I liked and thought would be really cute for a Christmas element and I am trying to create something like it. I hope I can get it kinda close and that it turns out nice, I think you will like it.

I don't know if anyone is following my blog but if you are check back soon as I hope to have it ready later today. Then tell me if you like it.

I'll be back ... lol :o

Nov 18, 2008

Adding Download Links To Your Blogs

I am sure there are other ways to do this, but this is how I do it.
What you need:
1. A blog (tee-hee) For this example we are using
2. A storage site (such as 4Shared for this example)
3. A preview of the creation you're offering and ready to go
4. Your creation zipped and ready to go (don't forget to add your Terms of Use (TOU))
* I recommend you add your TOU to each and every file you offer.
Now you should be good to go so let's begin.

Go log into your 4Shared account and upload your zipped file. To do that, click on the Browse button as shown below. Navigate to the location of your zipped folder, click on it and then click Open. Now click Upload.


Once that has uploaded you will see this:


Now you need to Copy the link above that’s in the box. You could use HTML Tags etc, but that is not what I am teaching in this lesson. This is a simple way to me, no fuss – no muss. You should copy that to a notepad if you don’t already have your blog open, in case you need it again because of a mistake. This prevents going back and forth between 4Shared and your blog, and just saves time.

Ok, if you don’t have your blog open, do so now please. Once you are signed into your blog and on your dashboard click on New Post. You will see the next preview, without the Add image part of this preview; we’ll come back to that shortly. Take a few moments to look over this window (on the blog) and familiarize yourself with the tabs and buttons.

Where I typed in the number 1 it says Title. That is where you type in the name of your creation. You can see on my preview I typed "Alpha Ornament". That is the file I just uploaded, plus it did double duty for this tut :)

Now we need to add our Preview. Click the icon that looks like a mountain. It is the insert picture button. You can see it in the preview. Clicking it opens the second (top) section of this preview. If you want it centered tic Center before doing anything else. The size you will need to determine based on your preview size and your column width. You can play with that if it isn’t right. Just start with Medium first.

If you want to upload from your computer as I have done click the Browse tab and locate the Preview you have ready. If you plan to use Photobucket or something similar you will need to have the HTML code to put in the URL box. For the sake of this tut, let’s say it is Photobucket. You need to copy the "Direct Link" code and paste it into the URL box. Either way, when you have done so, click the Upload Image button. Please Note: I had to use Photobucket's HTML code to add my images here but not for my image used for my previews, odd. So it may be different for different things. If all else fails, try one at a time and then click Preview (under Compose tab) and you'll see if it workd.


Now you are back to the Posting window and you probably have a bunch of code in there and are going "what the heck"? Don’t panic, just click the Compose tab and you will see the actual image if it isn’t showing already. The Preview link under the tabs will let you get a "plain" view of what it will look like on your blog.

Drop down a line (tap Enter on your keyboard), type your message, as much as you want. When you are finished drop down 2 lines only (keeps a wide space from being in your presentation) and type out the word Download.

Here you have a couple options. You can use the word Download for your link or you can just use 4Shared. Or you can do like I did (since I use both 4Shared and Rapidshare) and type Download then drop down and type 4Shared. I think you’ll get the idea shortly. You can even use an image for your download link once you get comfortable with what you’re doing.

Ok, back to the way I am doing it here. I typed Download, dropped a line, and typed 4Shared. Look at next preview if you need a visual. As you can see, I’ve typed my message about the freebie I am offering. I’ve typed Downloads, dropped another line and typed 4Shared.

Highlight the word 4Shared, nothing else. Go up to the icon showing the link with the globe behind it and click on it. Its #2 in the above preview and you’ll see a close-up below.


I almost forgot to tell you that the "Labels for this post" section above is for quick searching if you have added the Label widget to your page. I typed freebies and it will show in the freebies link if someone clicks it from my main page.

Copy the link you saved from 4Shared and Paste it into this box that pops up and click OK.


You can now click the Preview tab to see how everything looks. Hold your mouse over the link to show the complete address for the link you just made (without clicking it).

Now click Hide Preview Link.

If you are satisfied with everything click **"Publish Post".

** DO NOT click Save Post!! It will close your post and save it as a draft. I found out the hard way, and it messed up my formatting for some reason. Your post will auto save every few minutes. I would imagine you can do a draft however, if you want to work on a post for a few days :)

If you find you need to edit something click Customize (from main blog window), then click the Edit Posts tab, and finally the Edit link on the post you were working on and correct anything you need to. Now, be sure to SAVE this time, using the Save button!!

There you have it …you have just set up your first download offer for your scrap blog! Congratulations!!

I hope I didn’t make this too complicated for you!

Debb/Shade DeZines

Tutorial © Shade DeZines 2008 Do NOT claim as your own!
Do not host or upload this tutorial without my express, written permission. You MAY print it for personal use. Otherwise send people to my blog to learn from it.
Thank You

Nov 15, 2008

Alpha Ornament

I had a lot of fun making this alpha set. The font was upper case only so no option for lower, sorry.
I worked on it for a long time because I have been under the weather a lot lately, but I think it is work the wait and hope you do too. It always seems we get into the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving even gets here, lol. I know I do. I am so far behind on anything for thanksgiving and seemed to move right into Christmas ... shame on me :) I hope to rectify that.
I hope you like it.


Nov 2, 2008

Christmas Frame Freebie

I know Halloween was just day before yeaterday, lol, but I am getting in the holiday spirit. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I hope to have much more things "Christmas" coming your way :)) Have an awesome day!! Oh, forgot to add the frame size is 600 x 400 and 300 ppi.