Nov 22, 2008

Some more awards WOW

This award was given to me by Ruth. Thanks so much Ruth!
Stop by and visit her site Scrapindaisy

I guess with this award you are to list 7 things your thankful for and pass on to 7 more people.

I am thankful for:

1. My ever faithful ROCK - Emerson
2. Emerson's Father for his sheer determination against the evils of cancer
3. That I am alive and breathing after a brain tumor
4. That I got to be with my Father before he passed
5. For the roof over my head in these troubled times
6. The friends I've made online
7. Last but not least, for the ability to do what I do and share it with you.

Well I listed 7 things I am thankful for but I have searched for 2 hours and every blog I went to already had this award, actually ... all the following awards too. So I will just have to keep with how I have done in the past ... if you know of someone who deserves any of these awards please feel free to pass them on :)

This Blog has A Heart is from PurpleDragonflyCreations
Thanks so much for this very nice award!!
Please be sure to visit her site.

Generous Designer Award is from Pat at
What a wonderful blog this is to visit!!
she has some very nice blog layouts!!

Both these ladies also awarded me the following award as well.
Thank you both so much for thinking of me :)

Again, if you know someone deserving of any of these fantastic awards who has not gotten one yet please be sure to pass them along. Thanks

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