Nov 30, 2008

I've won another award!!

Isn't this so sweet??!!
I received two of these today!!

The first one came from my dear friend Lone. Thanks so much!!
Please go check out Alice and Lone's site at Alodezines, they have some awesome scripts!!

The second came from another awesome friend - Peta! Thanks Peta for this awesome award.
Please visit her at PSPScrapper. She has some awesome blog backgrounds and some cool frame scrips too.

Now to nominate 5 people for this award. Wow ... tough decision to say the least but here they are:

1. Scrappy from Scrappy Always.
She has got some awesome Country Style goodies on her blog.

2. Bea from Bea Creations. Her site is in German but you can translate it if you find troubles with it. She has some very awesome cute Christmas Goodies on her site!!

3. Beth from Built By Beth. You will find the cutest lil Christmas tree there, plus some other goodies too!!

4. Alexe from Alexe's Creations. She has some really cute BragBook style QP's!

5. Last but not least is Deb from DeBee DeZines. She has some of the cutest blogger backgrounds she makes from peoples kits, she even did one from my first kit.

Wow ... there we have it. These are all great sites to visit, I hope you enjoy them :)

Huggs ~ Debb

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