Mar 31, 2009

I was scouring the net today looking for something and then remembered I needed to see if I had been added to Hummies Blog Roll List yet and then decided I should try to contact her again. I went to her site and she had the most wonderful post from the 25th titled "Thought Provoking Video". Talk about thought provoking!! It certainly does make you question things about yourself and the art we produce. Will I make something others will like? Will they gain something from it? Will they be inspired themselves?

One of my favorite parts (well I actually think it is ALL great!) of the song is this: "So I pondered the points of my art in this life, if I make it, will someone take it and think that it is genuine? Would they be glad that I did 'cause they got something good out of it? Would they leave me and be more inspired?"

I can't tell you how often I wonder when I offer my creations to others be it free or tutorial or otherwise ... has it left you with more inspiration? Do you leave my site satisfied with my artwork?

Hummie said it all with her post title ... is certainly is Thought Provoking!!

Click play and see for yourself!!
xoxo ~ Debb

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