Dec 24, 2008


I also have two awards to catch up on.
I am short on time (sneaking between baking lol) but wanted to say a big thanks to:

Kicki for "This Blog Has Heart Award"


Roseanne for the "Proximada Award"

These may be viewed in the right hand column under awards ;)
Thank you both so much!

Please be sure to drop by these blogs.
Kicki has some really cute Christmas freebies!!
And I just love Roseanne's site because it is looks Victorian (My FAVORITE).
I just love going and looking at her background, lol!!

In case I am not able to get back in for a bit I'd like to take this moment to wish everyone the Merriest of the Holiday's and a fantastic New (and Better) Year.
Love & Huggs ~ Debb

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