Oct 19, 2015

Baby it's cold outside ...

Winter is upon us here in Northern Indiana, USA. Night temps are near and below freezing. Brrrr!

Things are slowing down a bit on the home front. Not caught up on computer matters yet (Upgrading OS etc), but it's in the works. 

Spent some time looking around the web and came across a great time filler, and my perfect term for it would be stress release time! It is adult coloring books. I had no idea how much this relieves stress. You can download the free pages yourself and there are books with even better patterns. Here is a small version of the one I did. But instead of coloring it by hand, I did it digitally ... just because, lol.

Happy Fall/Winter, y'all, see you soon.
Thanks for the free patterns, Alan!

Here's the link to their site: http://www.colorpaintdraw.com/adultcoloring/adult-coloring-taking-the-world-by-storm/

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