Jul 21, 2015

Life is not always smooth ...

Hello blogger world. I am still here believe it or not. I can't believe how long it has been since I have been in here and I'm still not ready to get back into the swing of things, just thought I would post an update.  

So much has been going on. I've had half my thyroid removed. My DH has had one of his parathyroid removed. My 6 yr old Grandson is fighting Hodgkin Lymphoma and has had chemo and now going through radiation treatments at Riley's Children's Hospital, and my adult Son moved home.

Among many other things on top of those I have to say it has been kind of crazy around here. I still have to upgrade my computer so we all know what that entails and I MUST find the time (and drive!) to even do that.

Anyhoo ... hope to get over some of these hurdles soon and get to feeling better to boot, and back to doing what I love.

If anyone is still reading my blog (thank you!) and you are of a religious nature please pray for my Grandson. His name is Carlos. Thank you.

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