Sep 9, 2009


Wow, I am gone for a short while and come back and all the blogs I was following have disappeared! I have been on a 43 minute search to see if I can get them back without trying to revisit each as I had quite a few and will never remember them all now. LOL ... (I think).

Has this happened to anyone else? Please post a comment if so and how you fixed it. Thanks ;)

I am still in Indiana. We are currently looking for a house to purchase. We are pre-approved, now just waiting to find what we want. Hope to do so and close by mid Nov. at the latest!! Otherwise we will have to go back to Cali to live for a while. Not looking forward to that.

I wanted to thank you all for your support, your messages and prayers. They mean so much, we can't thank you enough!!

I am going to still be very busy for a while with all that is going on and looking for a home. I will be hoping to get back into full swing soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me! xoxo

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