Jun 22, 2009

Checking In

Not sure if anyone is even reading this, but for those that may be I thought I would post an update.

We are in Indiana now. The weather is hot, humid and sticky. Eeek ... I had forgotten how humid the Midwest could be!!

My Father-in-law goes back in for another PSA Count tomorrow. Please say a prayer for him to get good results. Thanks so much.

I've not had time to do any designing, but maybe soon.

Thanks for popping in once in a while and for the well wishes left :)
xoxo ~ Debb

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Anonymous said...

Debb please know I am keeping your family in my thought and prayers!!!

PSPScrapper/& HavenLayouts said...

Hi Debb, Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping you all received good results.


Anonymous said...

very nice blog, thank you.