Nov 19, 2009


I finally had to do it .... I am using the word verification now. I am getting too much spam and have much better things to do than deal with these inconsiderate people. Sorry for the inconvenience to my friends and followers. xoxo

As a foot note .... we found a house! YEAY :)
This is not "officially binding" until it passes appraisal and inspection but we see no major issues with inspection and I am sure appraisal will be a breeze!! I (we, lol) are soooo excited! It probably won't close until end of Dec. and then we have the pleasure of taking a flight back to Cali and getting a U-haul and driving our things back here. OH JOY!! Hope the bad weather and snows will have mercy on us during this trek. But I will still be quite busy for a while and will be in and out of here in the meantime. Please bare with me while we go through this transition. Thanks for your patience.

In case I cannot get back in here beforehand I'd like to take the time to wish every one of you a wonderful fun-loving, family filled, joyful and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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