Aug 27, 2008

Rick Rack (PSP)

Okay ... Here's what it looks like.

1. Open a New Image 3600 x 350 / 300 ppi / Transparent

2. With your Selection Tool draw out a rectangle aprox. 55 pixels wide and the length of the canvas.

3. Flood Fill with a pattern or gradient of your choice.
* Make note of a darker complementing color in your pattern for using later. Copy it's HTML code or write it down.

4. Apply a texture of your choice or, use mine: Effects > Texture Effects > Texture/Canvas Coarse: Size (in order): 203, 0, 1, 0, o, 315, 50, 30.

5. Effects > Texture Effects > Blinds.
This is where you add the HTML # you saved.
Mine was for a green ribbon, sorry it doesn't match lol.

6. Select None.

7. Effects > Distortion Effects > Wave.

8. Using your selection marquee set to rectangle surround the rough ends and hit Delete.

Or, use the the freehand selection tool if you want a diagonal cut.

Save as .PNG for use in your layouts.

This is not to be made into a script. It is not to be sold. It is for your PERSONAL USE only.

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