Aug 23, 2013

Check it out ... I"m not lost after all

Yeah I know ... it has been a while right?! My apologies. Life gets in the way sometimes and I hope I am on the mend with all those rotten interruptions that have kept me from doing what I love most!

I have some major updates planned. I am still going to do my main category ... Digital Designs, but I am going to add a few new categories to my blog as well. To be honest it has been so long since I did much with my pages that Blogger has changed so much of how things work, it is taking me a bit to catch up ... so bare with me as I work through the new learning curves.

I plan on adding some new categories, and my first new category is going to be Crochet! I love to crochet just about everything. But to be realistic, there is never enough hours in a day to accomplish everything I desire, lol. I'm sure everyone can relate to this! But, I will post some of the things I have crocheted, maybe links to things I "want" to crochet ... etc, etc, etc. I hope along the way you might even find something "YOU" like!

My second new category will be Photography. I have always had a love affair with my camera. I'm not professional by any means, don't have a "pro" camera, but it's good enough for me, for now. And I can manipulate the crap out of them to make them look even better *wink*. I will show you some of my favorite pics and after I set up shop I will even have full size images for sale.

I think I will also want to work on a new background design. I like this one but want something more cheery!  That will be a work in progress however .....

Enough good news for now. Follow me through my journey and be sure to check back often. I hope to be around much more often!

And last but not least ... to my Followers who have not dropped me, and are still around themselves I would like to say THANKS for sticking with me.

And to my new Visitors ... Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay!

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