Aug 30, 2013

A couple crocheted items.

The granny square bag was really fun to work. It is based off a smaller pattern called "Granny Square Purse". I had other ideas for it so went my own way. I added really long handles and then knotted them as shown for a visual effect. I wove in satin ribbon in and out of the top row of the granny squares around. The red is really garish in this image but not so on the bag itself. My camera isn't too true to original colors.

The "Kitty" Purse ... aren't they just adorable?! My Granddaughters love them. I made one in RH Pink Camo (see next image) which I just love the color! And this one in purple (doesn't look purple does it!) I don't care for it as much. I got the pattern for this one at Ideal Solutions (edit: it seems to have been removed for some reason. Sorry). There are other patterns available if you Google for them.

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