May 14, 2009

2 Awards

I've been honored with two awards from a couple of fantastic ladies.

From Laurie ...
From Cazzie ...

The top one is a certificate of appreciation and approval and is from my friend Laurie over at Laurie Made Me Scraps.
She has a fantastic blog (as always) and some awesome kits.
Please visit her blog and leave her some love if you download anything from her site.

And the second cute little award is from Cazzie over at Cazzie's Scraps.
She also has an adorable site and lots of lil goodies too. Be sure to go visit and say thanks if you download something.

I am to pass along the top award to at least 6 other blogs/sites. (The next one is to be passed along too). I just cannot right now but wanted to acknowlede both Laurie and Cazzie for thinking of me. Thank you dears.

Maybe I can find time when I return.

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