Mar 1, 2014

How about that snow!

Right! I have not been in much. There's just been so much going on. Dealing with personal issues, Guardianship, Lawyers and THE WEATHER! So sick of winter. I cannot stress how much. I live in Northern Indiana and we have had our fill of snow, ice, sub-zero temps and windchill's that have been down to -45 degrees.
Anyway, thought I would share some yucky snow pics with you.

This first image is of my back yard. Made it for my Facebook Cover. Even though we have had some melt-off we still cannot see out our living room windows! You can click on this image to make it full size and you may save it and use it on FB, if you'd like to.

Here are two more images of snow. I have some full size if anyone would wish to purchase them for CU (Commercial Use) but I need to figure out an affordable site for selling them on. I don't think that can be done here on Blogger, can it? If anyone has knowledge of this, or ideas for me, please leave me a message. TY.

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