Mar 25, 2012

I hate making titles, lol / Not Interested?

I made a homemade card for my MIL a few weeks back and have been working on a crochet/bead garland for the Christmas tree.

Here is the front. Nothing fancy really but yet I think it looks elegant.

And the inside of card ... 

And this is the garland I have been working on. I have a huge tree and the little garland I used last year was gobbled up by the tree and wasn't that visible so I have been making a different one. I like it and think it will look nice on the tree. Wish this image had better detail, sorry.
Well, I'll try to be back in later. Have a good afternoon everyone .... I need to go clean something!

2 = Your awesome comments:

Anonymous said...

Oh GOODNESS....this card is breathtaking!! I absolutely LOVE this...and I also wanted to tell you that your blog background and header are GORGEOUS!!!!

Debb said...

Thanks so much Penny .... means the world coming from you!!