Jan 15, 2011

Designer's Block ???

You know the old saying "I have writers block"? Well I think I have designers block. Some things happened that took me away from designing for a while (which I will not to go into) and while I have tried to get back into it I just haven't quite gotten back to where I was. It was emotional, and still is, and the residual stress from it all has taken away my mojo. I hope to get it back, I am working on it. Until then I guess this blog just sits empty for a while longer .... sorry.

3 = Your awesome comments:

mrs_hardy said...

Love your snowman.

Wanted you to know that a stranger came to your site and was deeply impressed to pray for you and your family.

You didn't know about me. Imagine how many others are doing the same but not commenting on it.

You are blessed and a blessing.

I look forward to seeing the many ideas you will be given to share.

Ellen Hardy

sheyzz said...

Glad to see you are back, Debb! Hang in there and you'll get your spirit back. We all go through the "designers block" from time to time. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Debb said...

Thanks everyone.